The CJ Cutting Cookbook
Your Secret Weapon To Fat Loss Success!
Welcome to the CJ Cutting Cook Book 
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The CJ Cutting Cookbook is packed with new recipes to make it easier to enjoy every meal of your CJ Coaching Plan. Because dieting shouldn’t mean bland and boring meals!

No guilt, no doubt, no second-guessing. Freedom to eat a massively varied range of recipes that all fit into your diet macros.

Welcome to the CJ Cutting Cook Book – a monthly serving of easy macro-friendly recipe downloads designed to liven up your fat loss diet
Say NO to outdated recipe books filled with low-calorie recipes and weird ingredients
Here’s a much better idea – 30+ recipes bursting with flavour and perfectly balanced nutrition, every month!
Best of all, they are designed to help you ENJOY your diet. These recipes are creative, tasty, and calculated by macronutrient and calories.
You’ll love this cookbook if :
  • ​You already know about macros, but need inspiration to get creative in the kitchen
  • You understand your calorie intake but don’t know how to make new recipes which fit
  • ​You’re bored of sticking to the same recipes, but worry that anything new will screw up your diet
  • ​You want variety and new recipes – this cookbook comes out monthly!
You DON’T have to eat dry, boring, tasteless meals just because you want to get shredded. You CAN enjoy different, flavourful, exciting recipes every day.

What’s Inside?

The CJ Cutting Cookbook is sent to you monthly. Each edition has 30+ brand-new recipes with clear instructions, ingredients lists, macro breakdowns, plus beautiful photos.

What Exactly Do I Get?

30+ recipes per month, covering breakfast, sides, small plates, mains, and desserts. Every recipe is designed for fat loss, and has clear macros and calorie information.

What Type Of Meals?

Your monthly cookbook will include breakfasts, sides, small plates, mains, and desserts. Sweet and savoury options, ideas for at home or on the go, even protein bars. 

Is It For Vegetarians?

Yes. Every edition of the CJ Cutting Cookbook has recipes suitable for vegetarians in all the categories. My clients are men and women with all different dietary requirements – and they love this cookbook.

No guilt, no doubt, no second-guessing. Freedom to eat a massively 
varied range of recipes that all fit into your diet macros.

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
Ben from London
"Using the CJ Cutting Cook Book alongside my custom macro based plan from Charlie I completely transformed my life and ended up entering my first bodybuilding show"
Jamie from London
"Having always struggled with my weight as I enjoy food, Charlies Cutting Cook Book was a breathe of fresh air, that alongside my diet program from Charlie meant I could enjoy my food and get LEAN"
Max from London
"Using Charlies recipe book alongside his custom programming has allowed me to enjoy my life and get in the best shape of my life! Truly life changing, thank. you Charlie"
Lexi from Liverpool
"As a mum food is a key part of our family, using Charlies recipe book I made healthy meals we could all enjoy together whilst I got in the BEST shape of my life!"

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